02 January 2014


This is the first post in 2014 for me and here I am writing about climbing vines.

The first set of photos of the Scarlet Vine (Scientific Name: Mucuna bennettii) is about 3 months from the last post on the same plant in Oct 13. However, this time round, I would say the inflorescences are bigger and bolder! There are so many more clusters of the orange crescent-shaped flowers.

In the second set of photos is the Elephant Climber (Scientific Name: Argyreia nervosa; Family: Convolvulaceae) with purple flowers that remind one of the Morning Glory and large heart-shaped leaves. Although it is from the same Family, there are obvious differences such as the prominent white sepals and the white furry underside of the leaves in the former. I love the texture of the leaves and the feel of the underside is really nice, to say the least. But this climber tends to attract some pests such as mealy bugs that cause the leaves to crinkle up. It also attracts the large Carpenter Bees which thankfully don't sting people.

Purple flower with white sepals

Trumpet-shaped flowers resembling Morning Glory

White sepals left behind after corolla falls off

Furry underside of heart-shaped leaves

Fine hairs on the leaf and stems