13 January 2014


Well, I enjoyed watch the TV documentary "Walking With Dinosaurs" and so decided to catch this movie weeks ago.

Unlike the TV documentary, the movie starred a few actors such as Karl Urban but the stars were the talking dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous period about 70 million years ago. The tale was about Patchi, a Pachyrhinosaurus, from the moment he was born to how he got a hole in his frill to how he overcame all odds, including attacks by other predators, and became the alpha to lead his pack of Pachyrhinosaurus to safety during the annual migration to greener pastures with the approaching winter. There was also a talking prehistoric bird and his female companion Juniper, whom he formed a romantic relationship with.

The formula for a light-hearted movie was all there and it wasn't hard not to enjoy it and learn something about dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period.
The newly hatched Pachyrhinosaurus pack
The hole in his frill

The talking prehistoric bird Alex
The annual migration