31 January 2014


Floral Walk
I was at HortPark recently and some photos are attached here for reference.

HortPark entrance from Alexandra Road

The beautiful yellow Alocasia stands out in the landscape

There are 3 variations of the Bird Nest Fern here

An amazing bed of Calathea 'Silver Plate'

A Eucalyptus (Corymbia) cultivar
Close-up of the flowers

A strikingly and consistently variegated Beaumontia

The unusual Ochna integerrima

Close-up of the flowers

Fruits of the Ochna
Sterculia parviflora

Close-up of the flowers of Sterculia parviflora


Irrigation Pond

Floating island

Kleinhovia hospita

Capsules of the Kleinhovia

Flowers of Kleinhovia

Saraca declinata

Close-up of the flowers

The 7 Living Walls

The pink Calliandra

The grove of Pometia pinnata
The red flushes

Thalia in the Water Garden

Flowers of the Alstonia scholaris

An Alstonia tree covered in flowers

Flowering Hedychium coronarium

Close-up of the flowers

Congea tomentosa

Flowers of the Congea