26 January 2014


First, I must say this movie didn't receive rave reviews from the critics but I think it is not bad at all. I am not a movie critic but I do like the storyline, acting and special effects.

With a cast including Aaron Eckhart as the lead character or monster without a soul created by Frankenstein, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Socratis Otto, Jai Courtney etc, the movie was reminiscent of the "Underworld" movies from the same producer where war between two opposing legions i.e. vampires and werewolves in Underworld, angels and demons in this movie. All these beings and creatures lived amongst the humans and threatened the existence of mankind but their battles took place for centuries right under our noses unbeknownst to all humans, except the lucky or unlucky few who were drawn into the battles.

Before I comment any further, I must say I enjoyed a number of Aaron Eckhart's past movies where he wasn't the lead protagonist and played good guys. I started to sit up and noticed the change in him when he appeared as Two-Face in the "The Dark Knight". With this movie, I didn't actually see it coming for him to be the lead and took up the challenge of playing such a dark character. Not that he wasn't capable of doing it. It was more of seeing the friendly guy-next-door suddenly becoming a totally different person kind of strange feeling. For one, I think Aaron made the right move in coming out of his comfort zone playing good guys and took on more and more interesting roles to challenge himself. At least in this movie, he was the lead and his acting was good, I must add. Who knew he had such a good bod too? Hollywood must certainly pay notice to a new leading man if this movie performs well at the box office.

It is also interesting that Bill Nighy, who played an evil elder vampire in the "Underworld" movies, took on the role of Prince Nebarius, the leader of demons in this movie. Be careful Bill, before you are typecast forever to play characters from the dark side.

I shan't give the rest of the story away but we all know and believe that good will always triumph evil in the end in such movies.