11 May 2010


It was drizzling when we reached the ABS at Cairns. We were received by its founder Paul Wright who showed us around the attraction.

The 3rd photo shows the Cairns Birdwing butterfly that is different from our very own Common Birdwing butterfly. The colouration on the underside of the wings looked interesting compared to the yellow on our local butterfly.

Their enclosure showcases about 6-8 species at any one time. In addition, they do not believe in having nectar plants in their enclosure. Hence, they rely on nectar solution to feed their butterflies.

They have an elaborate laboratory setup, which is something that we lack at our Butterfly Garden. Their staff do not physically touched the butterflies or their caterpillars and you can see them meticulously transferring the caterpillars from petri dish to petri dish etc.

They also have a separate showroom displaying various pin-up samples of butterflies, which is something that we don't want at our Butterfly Garden.