11 May 2010


The rain got heavier when we left the ABS for Flecker Gardens.

The Flecker Gardens is just part of the Cairns Botanic Gardens. Due to time constraints, we could only visit this garden.

The tropical garden was very lush and focus their display on colours and variety in terms of foliage patterns and contrast. I was particularly drawn to the Begonia, Episcia, Calathea etc.

The beautiful Colocasia esculenta leaf collected the nice beads of water droplets towards its center. The lilac-flower with water droplets is that of a Dianella ensifolia. An interesting tree was the one with orangey curved fruits, that reminds one of chilis. In fact, they were the fruits of the Pinwheel Flower (Tabernaemontana species) although I had no idea what species it belonged to? The fruit after that which reminds one of durians is that of an unripe Corkscrew Pandan (Pandanus tectorius). Lastly, the tree with the purple flowers is the Kapok, Silk Floss Tree or Floss Silk Tree (Ceiba speciosa, or formerly known by its synonym Chorisia speciosa).