18 November 2013


"Ender's Game" is just the first of a series of science fiction books by the author Orson Scott Card. Starring Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld and others, it is a story set in a future time where the gaming kids were tested, handpicked for their potential and trained by the Military to fight and defend Earth against an alien insect race which attacked Earth once before.

Ender was the brightest among a group of computer kids and through his wits, courage and strategies, led his team of precocious kids like him to exterminate the alien bugs and destroyed their planet through computer games training, but not before he realized the truth that the final test wasn't a computer simulated programme after all and that they were playing in real time and killed every single living bug on their planet. Horrified by his own deed, he felt betrayed by the Military for lying to him and responsible for the death of an entire bug species which he tried to understand and communicate with in an attempt to prevent a war. With deep remorse, he discovered that the aliens were not out to launch another attack against Earth but were making preparations to defend themselves against the impending attack by the humans.

Anyway, with his connection with the Queen bug, he also found out that the remaining Queen on Earth was trying to communicate with him through his dreams before the final attack. His conscious bugged him, pun unintended, and he went on to find a remaining bug egg, that was to be the future Queen, on Earth and eventually set off to search for a planet that would allow the egg to hatch to continue the bug species lineage.

It was an entertaining movie and was actually quite strange to find the young pre-teenage skinny and scrawny Asa took control and commanded a team of cadets and soldiers to do his bidding in the battle against the bugs. Anyway, the acting by the entire cast was quite credible and I look forward to more future installments of the series.