10 November 2013


Throughout the Heritage Gardens and World of Plants are countless arched trellises planted with a wide range of climbers. At the Fruits and Flowers garden are some of most interesting climbers, such as these Momordica cochinchinensis (Common Name: Gac Fruit, Spiny Bitter Gourd; Family: Cucurbitaceae) and a grape-like vine Cayratia mollissima (Synonym: Vitis mollissima; Family: Vitaceae)

In Vietnam, the edible Gac Fruit has red aril and is usually served at ceremonial or festive occasions such as weddings. The Cayratia with small white flowers and artificial looking pink fruits look so sweet although I have no idea if they are edible.

NB on 3 Jan 14: I corrected the mislabeled name Cissus to Cayratia. They are both from the same botanical Family.