16 November 2013


Believe it or not because this is my first visit to the River Safari.

The area is not very big and hence the tour wasn't as long as I expected. The overall experience was just fine for me, without the wow factor, and frankly I don't think I would visit it again for some time.
green wall near the entrance

a crocodile sculpture

stuff crab at the turnstile entrance

Mandai Reservoir

pair of Mandarin Ducks

albino terrapin

an alligator sculpture

a long-tailed macaque

display of giant fishes

the fishes are scary

is it a stork?

a frog that is easily missed!

entrance to the Panda exhibit

one of a pair of red panda

it was walking round and round the small enclosed site

we were lucky to spot one of the Pandas Jia JIa

it could be a stuff toy for all I know

close-up of the Panda

the Panda's enclosure

watching the Polar Bear feeding from the side of River Safari

in the faraway land on the right are giraffes, or so I was told

Spider Monkey carrying its young

enclosure of the Spider Monkeys

close-up of the Spider Monkey's face

safety in numbers for a school of freshwater fish swimming together 
scary big aquarium housing Manatees (Sea Cows, Dugongs)

seriously, they don't resemble mermaids to me

an otter sun-tanning

ok, it's a male

rolling around to scratch its back