10 November 2013


The Hub is one of the two areas of convergence from the Heritage Gardens, Supertrees Grove and World of Plants. So I must say this is one of the important areas of the gardens and I am happy that this part of the garden is planted with a grove of big and small Ceiba speciosa (Common Name: Cotton Floss Tree) trees, varying in their trunk thorniness and colours of the flowers.

So far, the trees have been flowering separately but never synchronously. That is the only pity. Nevertheless, when the big ones do flower, it is quite remarkable. There are also a number of variegated Ceiba but I don't think I have seen any of them flower before. Other than the Ceibas, there are quite a number of other plants including Pseudobombax, Plumeria cultivars, Jatropha cultivars, Vinca rosea, Ruellia rosea, Ludwigia etc.
some tall Ceiba peering above the walkway

close-up of the pink flowers

thorny trunk of some of the trees

close-up of the thorny trunk

one of the few variegated Ceiba

close-up view of the flowers

variegated palmate leaves

palmate leaves of the Pseudobombax

a sea of lanceolate leaves from the variety of shrubs

purple Crinum 'Menehune', yellow variegated Pandanus toei, silver Dianella

pink flowers of Crinum 'Menehune'

Pseudobombax ellipticum

seed pod of Pseudobombax