16 October 2011


This is another movie about body swapping again. And it is not a horror movie but a relaxingly fun one. To cut the long story short, the pair of best pals, one a career ambitious father who neglected his wife and the other a good for nothing low grade actor, made a wish to lead the other's life in their drunken stupor after a guy's night out.

Unfortunately, when they woke up the next morning, they found their wish came true, possessed the other's body and freaked out. It is one of those comedic movies where the two then had to impersonate the other person as they went about their daily routines and experienced encounters not of their own. Naturally, they screwed up and had to try to put things right. In the process, they learnt to appreciate their own lives, families and friends before they finally reclaimed their own separate lives all over again.

Jason Bateman, acted in Horrible Bosses recently, was a child star but at 42 years old, he seems to have aged quite a lot when acting side by side with the 35 years old Ryan Reynolds, who was most recently seen in the Green Lantern.