14 October 2011


Continuing from the previous post, this is the view of the city skyscrapers beyond the low-rise shophouses.

My favourite Muntingia calabura is still standing there. I remember plucking and eating the red berries every time when I was there. This time round, there wasn't a single red berry. They must have been eaten by the birds. Unlike the stands of Muntingia which I planted in HortPark, this particular one is so healthy and the fruits are not diseased at all.

By the way, the pendulous umbels of the Quisqualis indica never fails to take my breath away. If the one planted by me flowers like this, I would never have uprooted it. As I walked down the steps along the timber walkway to the next nearby park, I turned around and took a quick last glance because I have no idea when I would be here again.