27 October 2011


It was a terrible Deepavali for me. I bought my laptop from the MBS EpiCentre outlet last Wednesday after I knocked off from work and just 2 days ago, a green vertical line appeared on the monitor screen. After some googling, I found this to be a hardware problem and brought it back to the shop for the replacement.

At the shop, I was told to bring it the service centre at Wheelock Place for a one-to-one replacement. When I reached there, a Filipino receptionist lodged a service report for me and directed me to the neighboring outlet. There I was told that I had to make another trip to the Suntec outlet for the replacement since they do not have the stocks. At that point, I was already quite annoyed with the idea of having to travel to Suntec for the exchange. I grumbled but eventually made my way there.

After lugging the heavy laptop to Suntec, the salesperson at the outlet informed me that I need to go back to MBS to get the replacement since I bought it there. That was when I blew my top.

I confirmed earlier with the sales person at Wheelock Place that Suntec carried the stock before I made the trip and that I could get my replacement there. So imagine how mad I was when they suggested I return to the outlet. I threw a fit and refused to accept their suggestion.

Eventually they gave in and changed the set for me. By then, it was near evening. The day just passed by in a blink. What a waste of time!