14 October 2011


Today's weather - stormy

This was the next destination, located at Maxwell Road / Robinson Road, I visited. The Red Dot building can be seen across the open space. 

It is always a pleasure to visit the places I used to manage to see the hard and softscape improvement works I did in the past.

In this case, under the barrier free improvement works, I changed the uneven, slippery, algal covered black granite crazy pavers with these non-slip homogenous tiles. Whilst I think the tiles are dirtied easily because of its light colour, it at least brightens up the otherwise dull ground and is less hazardous than the former.

The plants I added in e.g. Philodendon, Heliconia 'American Dwarf', Cordyline terminalis cultivars, Russelia, Platycerium coronarium, Costus woodsonii, Calliandra tergemina var emarginata, Caesalpinia pulcherrima, to further liven up the landscape may not have been noticed by others, but I am nevertheless proud of what I did. I also put in a ramp from Maxwell Road that leads to the upper deck so that disabled or handicapped can access these areas.

Right across Robinson Road is the Robinson Road Open Space which I slabbed over the open drains, converted the uneven precast slabs into a smooth sloped footpath etc. I am really happy with what I did and I certainly hope that the visitors appreciate the efforts I put in. The greatest satisfaction in our work comes in the form of such recognition of our hard work. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to visit this open space on that day.

The dainty fine pinnate leaves of the corner Yellow Flame tree beautifully contrasted with the slightly fissured bark of the trunk.