10 January 2012


I have been waiting anxiously to watch this movie and I finally caught it even though I do know this is not made to be blockbuster or sleeper hit. I think I was right when I saw the cinema rather empty of people. Starring a cast of unknowns, at least to me, it centers around an alien invasion.

Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Max Minghella and Rachel Taylor are two pairs of long time friends who met in Moscow whilst on holiday separately and encountered invisible aliens. What is disturbing is how these electrically charged aliens sent out current-like talons to capture the humans and pulverized them in a split second.

While trying to reach the US submarine, dispatched to rescue survivors, to return to their homeland, Emile and Olivia lost their two closest friends to the aliens and helplessly watched them being reduced to nothing right under their very noses. I think the film tried to show the huge loss and thus shock they experienced when they lost their closed ones, but it stopped short of that. Indeed, if one is in those shoes, it is rather unbelievable and traumatic to lose a loved one under those circumstances.

Anyway, while it seems like a small cast and perhaps low budget movie, I kind of enjoyed the movie. If one watches it without much expectations, then I guess it wouldn't be a huge disappointment.