21 January 2012


 Today's weather - sunny
The story continues from the 2008 movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" starring Josh Hutcherson and his uncle Brendan Fraser. 4 years later, Josh is back but Brendan is no longer part of this movie. Instead, his stepfather Dwayne Johnson and Vanessa Hudgens joined him in his pursuit of the mysterious island.

I enjoyed the first movie but somehow felt bored with this second one, which seemed to be made for the kids. Everything happened so timely and a lot of stuff seemed very unrealistic e.g. Josh escaped being eaten by a giant lizard, Josh and Dwayne swam 100 feet into the ocean to find the submarine, the submarine arrived in the nick of time. It is like something bad is happening but you know for a certainty that nothing bad will really happen to them because something magical or unimaginable will occur to save them. The ending is also very predictable and happened exactly the way I expected it to as if I was the scriptwriter. At one point, I think I fell asleep.

Anyway, watch out for Josh Hutcherson in the upcoming "The Hunger Games" movie, which I am really looking forward to watching.