12 January 2012


When I saw a few Autumn Leaf butterflies on the flowers of the Buddleia davidii this afternoon, I was so excited that I told myself I must definitely post about it. Overseas, it was well documented that this flowering plant, which is commonly known as Butterfly Bush or Summer Lilac, is fragrant and is a butterfly nectar plant.

However, I planted this in HortPark but so far, I don't think I have seen it being visited by a butterfly, that is, until today! Anyway, this amazingly beautiful shrub that was propagated by my friend managed to grow so well here. I confirm that the butterflies were visiting it for its nectar because after moving too near to them, they sort of flew off but settled back on the flowers again. And the Autumn Leaf butterflies are a new sighting for me at Bay East. Fortunately, I planted out a lot of its host plants, which means I would likely see its caterpillars soon. It just makes my day!