15 April 2012


This movie is the fourth installment in a comedic movie series that was first screened in 1999 and subsequently in 2001 and 2003. 9 years later after the last movie, they came together for a class reunion to update each other on what happened to them over the course of a decade.

Starring the original cast of actors and actresses such as Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Sean William Scott, Chris Klein, Tara Reid and so on, it was nostalgic to see them once again. They may not be my real classmates, but it was still kind of wonderful to meet them after such a long separation. Some did not change much and aged gracefully while others looked noticeably older and mature.

The movie was off to an entertaining start when I burst out laughing in numerous scenes. Yes, it was still slapstick but I think it is better than the recent Adam Sandler movies. I was also surprised to find a visibly older and skinnier Rebecca De Mornay towards the end of the movie, playing Finch's mum who was banged by the always horny and crazy Stifler.

So what is next after the reunion? We shall see if this is the end of the comedy series or whether more will come.