09 April 2012


It was a day with a clear good weather, as evident by the photos of the still water and reflection of the park surrounding the Yishun Pond, taken from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

The Enterolobium cyclocarpum planted along the promenade of the pond has hardly grown much, as observed by the sparse crown of few leaves. The string of floating platforms of marginal aquatic plants, on the other hand, are growing so well. It is an innovative way of creating an island of plants in a pool of water.

Back at the hospital compound, the picturesque garden has established so much since the hospital first opened its doors. I was lucky to capture a photo of a lady bug and managed to focus a ray of light on it for better effect. They have also cleaned up the pond water considerably and it was sparkling clear. However, I noticed most of the fishes e.g. Tiger Barbs, Archer Fish, I spotted previously were nowhere to be found. I wonder if they were deliberately or accidentally removed in the cleaning process?

I found that the new leaf flushes of the Flacourtia inermis were slightly distorted and when I turned the orange leaves over, I discovered colonies of young and adult black and brown aphids. Yes, they looked absolutely disgusting but I guess this is part of the natural ecological cycle.

In an earlier post on this hospital, I highlighted some terrestrial plants that were grown in water. Here, one can see clusters of the common culinary Pandanus amaryllifolius with aerial roots growing in the water too. Unfortunately, they were not emitting the typical pandan fragrance in the air.

Anyway, this is the benchmark for new hospitals that are developed in Singapore. It is no longer just an institution where the sick or injured patients receive medical or surgical treatment. It has to be green and well-landscaped for aesthetics and to promote therapeutic recovery. Green is now the new black.