09 April 2012


Alright, I am not talking about light bulbs here. I am referring to a group of plants with a swollen storage organ that gives rise to its fleshy leaves and roots. Some of the common types of bulbs include the edible onion and garlic, ornamental lilies e.g. Narcissus.

Anyway, there was this clump of  bulbous weeds, which I collected and brought home to wash off the dirty soil. I then planted some of them into an existing container garden of Fittonia cultivar and Hedera helix (common name: Common Ivy, English Ivy) and others into the planters along my corridor.

So are these the white flower Eucharis grandiflora (common name: Amazon Lily) or red flower Eucrosia bicolor (common name: Peruvian Lily)? We shall wait and see.