15 April 2012


I became fascinated by the lizards living amongst my plants in recent years. I have not seen its eggs and do not know where they breed but I have only seen one of this small lizard in the past.

However, the other evening, I saw two of them side by side, seemingly feeding on ants, which is a good thing for me. I used to have a problem with ants that brought with them mealy bugs and decided to let these small lizards alone to do their job in the food chain. I highlighted the severe mealy bugs infestation problem on my Hamelia patens months ago which led me to snip off many of the branches. The problem is not completely eradicated but at least the situation is more under control now, hopefully thanks to these small lizards.

Anyway, it looks like my variegated Hamelia patens is also starting to harbour mealy bugs. Damned! I need to keep a close watch on it.