15 April 2012


Recently, I was at the Singapore Botanic Garden's Botany Centre and was assaulted by an overpowering fragrance when I exited from one of the rooms.

So I retraced my steps and saw this majestic Calophyllum inophyllum in bloom. The tree was covered with clusters of flowers and the scent was radiating from them. This is the oldest specimen of this tree species that I have ever seen and I am glad that this tree was not affected by the redevelopment works years ago when they upgraded this part of the gardens.

What is interesting was also the epiphytic Ficus aurantiaca that was growing abundantly on the tree trunk and branches of the Calophyllum. The leaves of this Ficus is very different from the tree and it is always a delight to see the clumps of orange fruits hanging on the branches throughout the tree. A link on this Ficus is shown here: