12 February 2014


I remember this carpark as being very shady with the many beautiful Angsana trees. So imagine my horror when I saw from Orchard Cineleisure the very badly mutilated trees that were overpruned.

I have no doubts that they will grow back in time to come but it saddens me to see the unnecessary setback imposed on these trees that once spotted dense crowns of thick foliage. I do understand the need to prune trees for safety reasons and fully support it if it's done the right way. However, from the look of the topped branches, they were unjustifiably lopped off without correction of existing defects. The majority has poor branching and this pruning may give rise to more lion tailing, thereby increasing the risk of snapped or fallen branches. I hope the authorities get someone who is more qualified and experienced to do the pruning works in future.

I will be watching these trees for the months to come to see how they fare.