01 February 2014


These are the night and day photos of part of the Flower Dome which was decorated with a pair of lions, drums and 8 horses.

The main plant highlights include Cherry Blossoms, orchids, Chrysanthemums (mums) etc.

Blossoms refer to a group of stone fruit trees of the Prunus genus from the Family Rosaceae and they include:

  • cherry blossom
  • peach blossom
  • plum blossom
  • almond blossom
  • apple blossom
  • orange blossom

The fibreglass horse with a neat hairstyle

The back panel decked with Phalaenopsis orchids

A pair of mother (mare) and child (colt or foal) galvanized wire horses

Cherry Blossom

The yellow Cymbidiums and spider Chrysanthemums added in

Cherry Blossom blooms

Cherry Blossoms and Rudbeckia

The centerpiece trio of wooden driftwood horses
A pair of mother and child willow horses