04 February 2014


This is a remake of the 1987 Robocop movie, starring Peter Weller and Nancy Allen etc, which was a hit back then.

The main cast includes Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson and others. Set in 2028 in a world protected by drones, the policeman Alex Murph played by Joel was a very serious law enforcer who went all out to bring down criminals in society. However, his relentless pursuit of a notorious criminal caused him to be the target of a car bomb and was critically injured. To save his life, his wife signed an agreement to prolong her husband's life through the help of modern technology.

What was shockingly graphic were scenes showing what remained of his organic body which included his head, neck and esophagus, part of the torso including his lungs and heart as well as a palm. The rest of his body was amputated away from his body. The body parts were then fitted onto a robotic body that was intricately connected with his brain such that it functioned almost like a normal human being, except of course with superhuman strength and abilities.

I shan't give the rest of the story away but it was a case of him fighting corruption, even within the police force, and tried to maintain his sanity to get back to his estranged wife and son. Alright, I wouldn't say I was impressed with the movie but once again, Gary Oldman put up an excellent performance. Michael Keaton, who no longer had an ounce of fabric resembling Batman, looked old and loathsome as the unscrupulous CEO of the Omnicorp which manufactured the drones and the Robocop prototype.

Ok, it's time to move on to another movie.