13 February 2014


I eagerly waited for this movie for a year and when I saw a poster of it in KL in Dec 13, my hopes were high when I knew it would be screened soon.

Starring the big threes of Hong Kong entertainment industry Chow Yun Fatt, Aaron Kwok, Donnie Yen and others such as Peter Ho, Gigi Leung, the movie was more CGI effects than anything else. There wasn't much real acting and many real actors. Everything was flying here and there in heaven and chaos was literally everywhere.

It was such a huge letdown that I won't even begin to list them here although I must grumble that the budget was undoubtedly big on special effects and the storyline was so, so weak. Like a friend said, they had no money left to hire more real actors after the extravagant expenditure on special effects. I must say that even though I found the earlier Stephen Chow takes "A Chinese Odyssey - Part One (Pandora's Box) and Part Two (Cinderella)" in 1995 starring Stephen Chow himself, Athena Chu, Ng Man-Tat, Law Kar-Ying, Karen Mok etc on the same subject lame, they were at least entertaining and memorable to this very day. This remake in comparison, was just a big time disappointment.