24 February 2014


I couldn't stand the unkempt peacock-like Plumbago anymore and decided to give it an extreme haircut. I headed back the entire plant so it was almost leafless. 

As for the Lime plant, it has grown considerably taller but didn't seem to attract anymore Lime Butterflies and instead hosted so many white flies, so I brought it to the garden.

The Periwinkle was also suffering from the drying effects of the current weather and it's almost bare stems hung limplessly over the wall. So I had to prune back most of its stems. If it's not recovering, which I thought so, then I would harvest the seeds and chuck the plant away to make room for the younger seedlings.

Finally, the variegated Aptenia grew so much but there were only a handful of flowers and a number of scales pests. I suspected it took up a lot of my soil fertilizer nutrients. I ended up collecting more than a kilogram of it and brought it to the garden for planting. 

The straggly Periwinkle

The variegated Aptenia cordifolia