19 February 2011


I was at Bishan Park again to walk the grounds and took these site photos. The Thalia geniculata looks so pretty with its dangling pendulous flowers.

I also spotted a beautiful Orange Emigrant (scientific name: Catopsilia scylla cornelia; Family: Pieridae) puddling on the rocky ground and a link to Butterfly Circle is shown here. The butterfly host plant is Senna biflora, which is not so common in our landscapes.

There was also a high raised mound that was supposed to be landscaped with a dense growth of Terminalia mantaly along the contours. I gave them the feedback that it may be more interesting for the hillock to be void of trees, except for a solo big and unique specimen tree right on the hill top, so that users can sit below the tree on the vantage point and look down towards the rest of the park and river. Would they agree to that, I wonder?