28 February 2011


For months now, this landscape reminded me of snow because of the white colour flowers and variegated leaves. Some of these plants were posted by me before and one plant is noticeably missing although it is on the site. The one that is missing in action is the white flower Oxalis. The others are:
  1. Orthosiphon aristatus (variegated)
  2. Clematis aristata
  3. Pennisetum alopecuroides
  4. Panicum maximum (variegated)
  5. Angelonia cultivar
There are several cultivars of Angelonia angustifolia (common name: Summer Snapdragon, Angel Flower; Family: Scrophulariaceae) and this one could be any of the following. Some links are attached below:
  1. http://www.ballhort.com/Landscapers/plant_info.aspx?phid=004904608005863
  2. http://www.ballhort.com/Landscapers/plant_info.aspx?phid=004902212005886
  3. http://www.flowersofindia.net/catalog/slides/White%20Angelonia.html