22 February 2011


Coincidentally, I just realised that today on 22.2.11 at about 2:22 pm, we had an informal learning and sharing session and the turnout was overwhelming with about 200 people. What a coincidence I wonder?

The session turned out better than I expected since I have never seen such a big group of people for the past few sessions and the audience seemed to have enjoyed themselves. This is very encouraging to me and I feel the 2 months of thought provoking hard work I poured into it was well worth it. Since taking over this role, I strive to do my best to serve the target audience and introduced new ideas to make it more interactive, interesting and refreshing. Whether it is really so remains to be seen but I guess the feedback forms would give an inkling of what the audience truly felt.

Well, at least the feedback from management was positive and now we have another deadline to meet. Can we make it to meet the expectations? It seems like we are left with no choice now and have to deliver an excellent product.

The deadline is looming near and I suppose the only thing I can do now is to remain optimistic and confident of what we set out to achieve. When we believe, half the battle is already won, right?