12 February 2011


I was reminded of this extremely inspiring song "You Raise Me Up" with splendid lyrics recently. I must admit this has to be one of the most beautiful and meaningful songs that I have ever come across.

So, I enclose below 2 versions of the song - one by the former boyband group Westlife and released in an album in recent years and another by the original singer Josh Groban.

The rendition by Westlife has a more emotional, sentimental and raw edge and the music video was put together beautifully. There is a certain vulnerability displayed in this version which oozes lots of warmth and touching scenes that one can easily identify with. Hence, it is more personal and connects better with the listeners.

On the other hand, the original performance by Josh Groban was pitch perfect and very well-delivered. This is one singer who was discovered and made famous after he performed a song on the former tv series "Ally McBeal". Technically speaking, whilst one cannot find any fault with his excellent delivery, it lacks a certain imperfection and comes across as a bit cold and impersonal.

Having said that, I am sure both versions would have its own appeal to different audiences.