07 February 2011


I had a weird nightmare last week and almost forgot about it, so I better post about it before even the slightest pierce of the puzzle dissipates from my mind.

I think I was on a holiday in the dream. And all that I remember was I was swimming with a friend along a coast next to a beach, much like those seen in the Survivor tv series. Originally, there seemed to be a lot of people wading in the same area as us but out of a sudden, I don't understand why the people turned into hungry looking crocodiles. Their snouts and evil eyes were bobbing in and out of the water and they were closing in on us with slightly ajar jaws. I panicked because I have never been in the company of a crocodile, much less so many crocodiles.

Fortunately, that was when I woke up. I don't want to know how it feels like to be eaten alive by a crocodile, even if it is a nightmare.