05 June 2011


It was at this park that I first saw this bird species. I had on several occasions walked near the dense undergrowth and a flock of them flew off out of nowhere. There was one in particular that I remembered and it seemed to have a very bright orange to scarlet head of feathers.

I have absolutely no idea what bird this is and it was a challenge trying to capture photos of it. This was the closest I got to taking its photos. This particular bird was on its own and from the blurry photos, it look like a finch with an orange head.

NB on 15 Jun 11: I checked with some colleagues and apparently, this is a non-local known as Zanzibar Bishop (scientific name: Euplectes nigroventris). They are foreign talent and escapees. They are gregarious and polygamous birds that are found in coastal lowland areas and breed in tall grasses and reeds. One male, presumably the one with scarlet head feathers, can breed with multiple females with several nests. A link is attached below: