12 June 2011


This was where everything started. This so-called prequel to the X-Men movies chronicles a time when Magneto and Professor Xavier were known as Erik and Charles respectively. It traced back to when they first met as younger men and fought alongside each other before parting ways as enemies.

It explains how the two once close as brothers friends diverged on separate paths and why Professor Xavier was wheel-chair bound and much more. Starring a stellar cast of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Rose Byrne with a hilarious less than 1-min cameo by Hugh Jackman, I enjoyed the movie because this is the origin of it all and it helps to explain the relationships between Magneto, Professor Xavier, Mystique, Beast etc.

There will be no spoiler alerts here but a link on the movie is attached below:


The 2 posters of Magneto and Professor Xavier are also very interesting because the reflections in the water show who they eventually become.