12 June 2011


I did a plant decoration recently and I was kind of pleased with some of my plant selection given the limited range of plants available - Hyphaene coriacea, dwarf Tabernaemontana, Alcantarea

Initially, I was excited to try something different with a cool silvery purple themed decor and dreamt about it the night before. But I ended up adding crotons for more colour. 70% of the arrangement was my doing but I found the overall design too pinkish to my liking and I didn't like the foreground arrangement with bromeliads, which I think did not make a good border, is too heavy and overdone. I added some Pleiocarpa mutica along the sides as fillers and I am glad I did that. Too bad the flowers didn't smell fantastic on that night.

I had quite a bit of battle scars on my forearms - reddish marks caused by the bromeliad thorns, to show for it.

NB on 9 Aug 11: What I thought was the Hyphaene is actually Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera.