05 June 2011


I am not one to watch movie previews because I hate to jostle with the crowd and it gets especially complicated when they are talkers in the movie. Yes, I call them talkers because they just go on and on and never stop talking at the movies, despite my expression of annoyance by hushing them. It just spoils the entire movie experience for me and it is always a joy to own the cinema and watch it in peace and quietness with nary a soul around.

Anyway, after watching the movie 'Dylan Dog: Dead of Night', I understand why it is not doing well. The pace was dreadfully slow, the script was boring and the narration by the living investigator Dylan Dog, played by the ex-Superman Brandon Routh, was distracting. I am not going into details about the movie because I don't think it is worth the while doing so.

I feel sorry for Brandon Routh and do not understand why he took up the role. If he thought this movie is going to revive his flagging movie career, he is very wrong. In fact, I think it does more harm than good for him. His suave chiseled good looks, bushy eyebrows, big eyes and unbelievably big body could not save the day or rather, the movie, from a slow painful death. Sam Huntington, who was Jimmy Olsen in 'Superman Returns' starring alongside Brandon's Superman, played his partner Marcus in this movie and provided some comic relief but even so, failed to deliver the movie.

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