12 June 2011


I was so excited to see so many Plain Tiger caterpillars that day. It was only about 2-3 weeks since I planted out the Calotropis gigantea. The plants have yet to put out more leaves and some of them were already infested with masses of caterpillars.

So began Operation Save The Tiger, which saw me collecting at least 20 caterpillars, at different stages of development, from 2 host plants and spreading them evenly amongst the remaining plants. For each plant, I put at most 2 caterpillars because they have such voracious appetites. Just look at the hole on a leaf created by a young caterpillar. Imagine how many more leaves it can eat before it pupates.

I shall visit the site these few days to check them out. Hopefully they would not be washed away by the rain etc and can successfully breed here. I will plant out more butterfly host plants in this park.