08 October 2012


I know the name house garden sounds a bit strange but I didn't want to use the words Home Garden to confuse with the theme garden at HortPark.

The Cyclamen is one of my favourite exotic shrubs and I got hold of this corm for planting. Let's see whether it grows. The second is a big Gloriosa tuber which I planted out recently too.

The others are photos of the Pelargonium xhortorum, one of my other favourites, that I bought recently. I am trying to see how this plant performs under my care without any air-conditioned facility. It is receiving afternoon light but the leaves have apparently turned a bleached colour. Some of the leaves began to have brown edges and the flowers are few. I water it once in every 2-3 days by soaking the pot in water, the way one waters African Violets. I will fertilize this plant with a high nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) soon to see how it reacts to the fertilizers.