01 October 2012


Like some of the other successful movie franchises, the Resident Evil series is one of those that produced sequel after sequel. This happens to be the fifth installment of the zombie movies adapted from a computer game.

This vehicle starring Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Li Bingbing and Johann Urb failed to live up to its expectations. I was kind of disappointed by the storyline and Li Bingbing who, after looking promising in the first few minutes of appearing in a red high slit dress, just did not deliver at all. The movie was not particularly entertaining and did nothing to lift me out of my boredom. It was the same old Alice leading everyone to escape from the clutches of the Umbrella Corporation.

Somehow, Milla reminded me of Kate Beckinsale, who also made a series of movie sequels. The difference is, I somehow am not drawn towards Milla in the movies as I am towards Kate. Don't ask me why because I have no explanation to that.