08 October 2012


I watched the epic Han Dynasty movie "The Assassins", originally named "Bronze Sparrow Terrace", starring Chow Yun Fat as the warlord Cao Cao, Liu Yifei in dual roles as Diao Chan and her daughter Lingju, Alec Su as Emperor Xian, Hiroshi Tamaki as Mushun and Annie Yi as Empress Fu Shou.

It was a good movie of recent times with excellent acting by the cast. Chow Yun Fat was imposing as the treacherous Cao Cao who trusted no one. Alec, the former idol boyband member of "The Little Tigers", put up a funny performance as the cowardice emperor who has two faces in front of and behind Cao Cao.

The pace was fine with me and the acting was credible. While Alec looked increasingly more manly with age, Annie Yi looked aged with her thick makeup and sagging skin. I keep imagining her singing the song "悲伤茱丽叶". It was interesting to watch how Cao Cao maintained till to very end that he did what he did for Emperor Xian with the hope to unite the three kingdoms at war with each other as one to give all a better life.