20 October 2012


I was so busy recently that I didn't manage to post much these few weeks. So here goes.

Directed by Stephen Fung and produced by him and Daniel Wu, this first part of a trilogy stars the newcomer Yuan Xiaochao, who is China's wushu gold medal winner at the Asian Games 2010, Angelababy, Taiwan's Eddie Peng, and Hong Kong's Tony Leung with cameos by Stephen Fung himself and Shu Qi.

I guess Stephen loves to make such light-hearted movies, as evident by some of his other earlier productions, but I prefer period martial-arts movies to be more serious. Hence, I wasn't quite bowled over by the story-telling although the animation scenes were quite interesting. I read quite a bit about her but this was the first Angelababy movie I watched and I do think she has a refreshing face.

Well, the second part starring Daniel Wu and China's Feng Shaofeng is coming out soon, so there is no need to wait too long for the continuation.