01 October 2012


This movie could have been called adrenalin rush, I suppose. Although it is not a blockbuster, it was quite a decent and entertaining movie. I didn't think I would and could be sitting in the cinema watching a bunch of cyclists zipping through downtown New York but how wrong I was.

The movie did not showcase a stellar cast of A-list actors and actresses. In fact, the storyline was actually very simple without any convoluted plots but what I like about the movie is how it made cycling suddenly seemed so cool. The clever use of simple coloured lines to map out the cycling routes is also a bonus.

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dania Ramirez and Jamie Chung, it was quite a light-hearted yet enjoyable movie for me. I must admit that the charismatic Joseph has a huge part to contribute to this. Once again, he took on a likable guy-next-door role and charmed us with his goofy acting. Cycling was like a breeze and seemed like second nature to him. I believe you can give him any role and he would step right into it perfectly. That is how talented I feel he is. I would love to see him win an acting award someday.

Anyway, another movie "Looper" starring the affable Joseph would be coming to our screens soon and I am definitely looking forward to be entertained.