01 March 2014


There are always lots of stuff to look out for when one visits the garden. I, for one, usually look out for the Melicope elleryana to check if it is flowering. It is a butterfly attracting plant that occurs in Australia, at least that's what I think.

This year, the Arrival Walkway is beautifully decorated with cut-out Cherry Blossoms and red lanterns. I was glad the Combretum paniculatum was flowering again.

This garden is also apparently popular with dog lovers, who bring their beloved pets out for a walk and to socialize with members of their kind. Not far away from the Arrival is the vibrantly coloured Children's Playground. 

pink flower Melicope elleryana

Arrival walkway

Chinese New Year adorning the covered walkway

Combretum paniculatum

A gathering of dog lovers and their dogs

I call this the runway

Pathway to the Children's Playground

Children's Playground