29 March 2014

周蕙 &.James - 冬季到台北來看雨 (WINTER RAIN IN TAIPEI)

I have not heard this song for a very long time until recently when the cover version by 周蕙 and a new Taiwan singer James was played over the radio. I immediately gravitated towards the song and fell in love with it all over again.

周蕙 as usual has a sweet voice and smooth vocals but the latter James was memorable with his good looks and unique voice. He reminded me of a younger Aaron Kwok albeit with a moustache and his voice has a gruffly quality to it.

I love rain and I love Taipei although I have never seen winter in Taipei. If I ever go there in winter and experience rain, I will definitely think of this song. Compare it with the original rendition by 孟庭葦 below, whose other songs I love include the following. One thing is also very very certain - they make better MTVs these days.