10 March 2014


I don't know what to really say about this movie other than I was kind of disappointed given the hype surrounding it. The trailer was funny, I must admit but the actually movie didn't quite deliver. This is the problem with some movies these days because they made the trailers so well and condensed the entire movie into a few minutes that the rest of the movie looked bad in comparison.

For me, the best part of the movie came in the form of the voice-over by Liam Neeson and his cop character followed by Morgan Freeman's character. I am so in awe of how much power Liam's voice has over me. It was just a perfect match for the good cop and bad cop character. Batman came in a close third followed by Emmet. Other than that, I find that the movie was just kind of weird. Perhaps I am too used to movies with real human characters or even cartoons, but this one seemed a tad too static. The movie may be sort of 3D but the expressions were more 2D and flat than anything. Perhaps they tried too hard to impress the audience. Will Ferrell's appearance was also strange, to say the least.

The other characters e.g. Green Lantern, were just mere forgettable cameos.
A spirited Emmet who was unmemorable to the people around him
Emmet and Batman

This Justice League characters were not all in this movie