31 March 2014


Liam Neeson is really something. At 60 something, he is really an unlikely hero who struck a chord in me since I first started seeing him play an action hero years ago in the movie "Taken". His voice was strong, commanding and forceful, which served him very well recently as the voice-over of the schizophrenic policeman in "The Lego Movie".

I think this movie came out at a bad time when the MH370 plane from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing few weeks ago. This movie is about terrorism but Liam Neeson's character Bill Marks the air marshal was framed to be the scapegoat. Much as he wanted to save the flight and its passengers from going down, he was set up to take the blame and news of him taking over the plane was broadcasted all over the international news. Fortunately for his wit, he was able to help the co-pilot secure a safe landing with no casualties, other than the terrorists and a few unfortunate victims. I was gripping the edge of my seat throughout the movie.

Sadly, in real life, no one truly knows what happened to the missing plane yet.

Julianne Moore as one of the passengers who helped Bill