23 February 2012


The year was 2006 and it has been 6 years since I last stepped foot here. The familiar red and white zebra crossing was still there to greet me but it was no longer shimmering under the sun light. The sparkle was gone.

Sunset Bay is still there but it was closed. Is the beach a popular spot for beach volleyball, as originally proposed, I wonder?

Most of the vertical structures are now covered with Bougainvilleas and one of the nine sundials (Neptune) around the island is still located at the far end of the garden. When I checked the time, it was quite accurate and differed from the actual time by about 10 minutes.

I actually wanted to go up the look-out tower to snap more photos of the garden and area but it was not meant to be. It started to drizzle and I disappointingly left the place in a haste.