19 February 2012


 Today's weather - sunny
This is a photo I took from the internet and will post my own photos sometime soon. 

Jewel Orchids are a group of terrestrial orchids found on forest floors. The most common member that I know of years ago is the brown-leaved Ludisia discolor, which is more commonly sold here in our local plant nurseries.

I have the brown Ludisia but I also have the green-leaved Ludisia discolor alba that I bought a few months ago.

The other members include the genera Anoectochilus, Goodeyera and Macodes. I bought a Goodeyera and Macodes from the retail store during the Nov 11 World Orchid Conference and they are still doing fine in my little plastic container. I understand all of them can possibly be grown in terrariums and I will plant them in my terrariums as a trial, soon.

The following are some interesting links I found:

  1. http://www.tropicalexotica.com/jewel2.htm
  2. http://www.orchid-care-tips.com/jewel-orchid.html
  3. http://orchidlady.com/pages/orchidGarden/jewelOrchids.html