15 February 2012


This latest film of four released every 3 years since 2003, continues to star the very beautiful leather-clad Kate Beckinsale who reprised her role as a vampire. She woke up from cryogenic preservation and escaped from a laboratory where she was imprisoned for twelve whole years.

The world she woke up to is different from what she remembered although some things didn't change much. The perpetual war between the vampires and werewolves, known as lycans, was still ongoing and heating up. To fill the time void of twelve years, she had to embark on this solo journey to find her other half, literally a half werewolf and half vampire played previously by Scott Speedman in the earlier movies, whom was separated from her just a day in her memory before they were captured in an operation by the humans to purge mankind of the vampires and lycans. There was a surprise lying in wait for her after her escape from the lab.

This is definitely a different vampire movie from the overly romantic and sappy Twilight series and I enjoyed the action movie only because of the forever youthful looking, kick-ass no-nonsense Selene, or should I say Kate, who looks ever the same as I remembered her. The other memorable face I remembered is probably Theo James, who may or may not have the potential to make it bigger in Hollywood.