08 February 2012


Today's weather - sunny

This is part of the NParks and NSS's butterfly trail that leads from the Singapore Botanic Gardens to Fort Canning Park. Planted at this area beside the Penang Road is one of my favourite foliage plants, the Pseuderanthemum 'Golden'.

I walked past the plants and suddenly felt an impulse to check out for caterpillars. I was lucky because barely a metre away, I saw something on the underside of one of the leaves. When I flipped the leaf over, I saw this beautiful 5 cm long caterpillar of the Autumn Leaf butterfly. In the past before I learnt about butterflies and their breeding, I might freak out if I saw this, but now I am totally comfortable to even hold it in my palm. With a smile across my face, I turned back the leaf and left the small creature to continue feasting on the leaf after taking these photos.